Kentucky Art and Craft Shops Unite for Tornado Relief

Like a lot of you, my thoughts have been with Kentucky’s tornado victims this week.  There has been so much support and help from the surrounding communities that it really makes me proud to be from this state and from such a small area. Kentuckians may be mocked as being ignorant hillbillies (which isn’t entirely true – a few bad apples ruin the bunch) but one thing is for sure- Kentuckians know how to be neighborly.

So neighborly, in fact,  that our local donation centers had to stop accepting food and clothing for tornado victims because they had more clothing than they could store and so much food they are worried it will begin to spoil.

But that doesn’t mean those families are out of the water. Thousands have lost their homes – some have shells remaining that have been condemned, others have only minor displacement issues. But then there are the others- the one’s who’s homes are now in a million pieces scattered across a yard or a field. These people can still use our help.

This weekend we’re partnering with a couple of our fellow Kentuckian artisans to host a flash sale.

So, shop for a good cause this weekend at these great Kentucky shops:

Kym’s Kreations– Winchester’s local jewelry artist Kym Pelfrey makes an amazing assortment of necklaces from all sort of materials. Her shop also includes gorgeous wire-wrapped tree of life pendants and fun button rings. There’s definitely something for everyone at Kym’s Kreations. And starting this weekend Kym will be donating 20% of her sales to tornado relief efforts throughout our commonwealth.

Creative Chocolate Supplies-  If you’re into cake decorating, you’ll love the sweet deal Rhonda Georgian is offering at her cake and candy supply shop this weekend. This weekend only, Creative Chocolate Supplies will be sending 40% of their sales proceeds to Kentucky Tornado Relief. So satisfy your sweet tooth and help out your fellow Kentuckians.

The Fish Jig Lady–  Who ever thought of wearing fishing lures as jewelry? Layla Sutherland – owner of The Fish Jig Lady shop- that’s who. Layla has some nifty earrings made from bass and crappie lures that the outdoorsy woman will adore. Stop by her shop and have a look around.

Hip Earth Designs-  Last, but certainly not least, our shop will be donating 10% of our proceeds to the fund. As an added bonus, we’ll also be donating 10% of any custom orders make this weekend. We’ll be giving our proceeds to the West Liberty Elementary School which was condemned. The school is moving to an old factory in town and they are in need of a temporary playground to bring normal back to the children’s lives.

Help us help them recover!

Happy shopping!