Handmade Spotlight: Artist Valri Peyser

Glassware art by Valri Peyser

If Valri Peyser’s amazing glassware doesn’t inspire you to upcycle your wine, soda and beer bottles, then nothing will.

By Valri Peyser

In fact, Valri has an ongoing relationship commissioning bottle art for a local winery – Hillcrest Vineyards in the Santa Cruz mountains of sunny Cali. (Hmm, anyone noticing a trend forming with our spotlighted artisans?)

But, wine bottles are not Valri’s only specialty- she also creates amazing wall art paintings in varying styles. She creates bold abstract art as well as stunning, vibrant portraits.

Make sure you stop by her website and check out the rest of her work.

What’s your favorite?


One thought on “Handmade Spotlight: Artist Valri Peyser

  1. These bottles are fun and EASY to make. I use liquitex glossies paint and use a white bottom coat on the entire bottle. Many layers of paint produce the bright coloring. low heat firing in an oven sets the paint. Just follow the instructions on the bottle! Most important,, have fun!


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