DIY: Upcycle Wine Bottle into Decorative Vase

I found myself in a pinch last Wednesday. It was my mom’s birthday and I was a little strapped for cash – and I’ve always thought handmade gifts were much more heartfelt than their store-bought counterparts. So, being the procrastinator that I am, I spent a couple rushed  hours Wednesday afternoon making a handmade gift for my mom.

This alluring vase made from an empty wine bottle covered in pale blue, green and clear glass gems.

wine bottle crafts
Crafty wine-bottle recycling.

But wait, I’ve got to give credit where it’s due…

My inspiration for this craft/diy project came from a similar project I found on Pinterest a few days ago…

Bling Storage for the Bathroom by Creative in Chicago

We used similar processes – you can read hers here.

She covered her container with paper and Mod Podge before attaching the glass gems- which probably helped prevent the gems from popping loose once the hot glue cooled completely.

I, however, glued the gems directly to my wine bottle and several fell loose later- but I thought the gaps where gems were missing added to the character of the finished piece. And if the gems continue to fall off, we can always stash them and use them for a future craft project. Ha!

So-follow my method or hers, whichever works best for what’s available in your craft supplies.

I started by removing the label from my wine bottle.

upcycling wine bottles
Boone's Farm- low-cost and so yummy.

I got the sticky label off by rubbing it down with a dime-size drop of dish detergent and soaking the wine bottle in water for approximately 5 minutes. (Hint: To save water, fill the wine bottle half-full of water and then sit it inside a deep bowl or pitcher, instead of running a sink-full of water to soak the bottle.

wine bottle upcycle

Then, I started at the bottom of the bottle and worked my way up, placing the glass gems.

decorating wine bottles

Then, I just continued until the majority of the bottle was covered. A few gems fell off, so I picked off any hot glue that remained in the gaps and then stole some huge, blue, faux roses from a vase in my bathroom.

I’d love to see some photos if anyone else tries this- by using different containers and different gem colors and backings, there are hundreds of designs you could create to match the decor in any home.

And if this upcycling project isn’t your style- check back on Friday for this week’s addition of “Handmade Spotlight” where we’ll be featuring an artist who creates amazing works of art on used and discarded wine bottles.

Have other wine bottle upcycling crafts or tutorials you’d like to share? Leave us a comment!

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