This Week At Hip Earth Designs

Remember that last weekend before semester started or the new school year began?  Or that last weekend before you started your first or latest job?

That weekend that sort of felt like your last free one for a while?

That was this weekend for me.

It was quiet a busy weekend for my last full weekend “off”- we had family in from Ohio and we played host at my little sister’s baby shower.

I even spent a few hours Saturday night making a special candle-holder to giveaway at the shower Sunday afternoon.

baby shower giveaway
Glass candleholder covered with a one-of-a-kind polymer clay filigree design. Hip Earth Designs 2012.

Plus, I had to finish up the nursery letters I made for my future niece.

nusery wall art diy
There will be a tutorial for this one on the blog later this week. Hopefully, i can nab a new shot of these when they are in the nursery!

There wasn’t as much time to relax as I would have liked…

Because today, I start my new part time job. I’m a little nervous. But mostly excited. I’ve spent a long time working from home (approximately 3 years to be exact), so I’m more than anxious to get out and see real people again (aside from those I see on my usual quick trips to Hobby Lobby and the grocery store, that is).

It’s going to be a tough adjustment. I’ve put so many hours into marketing our shop and products over the last month – sleepless nights, and nearly every waking hour has been spent marketing, reading, researching, and – of course – creating.

It hurts to know that I won’t have as much time to devote to my new love- our business. It feels a little like how I imagine a new mother feels when she’s got to return from maternity leave and cannot spend as much time cultivating and watching her little one grow.

But, you never know – this new job could be just what I’ve been needing to motivate me to work a little faster and get more done in my marketing time. And maybe the time spent away from the business, out observing the world, will give me better insight into what direction to take our marketing efforts next. And also a little extra cash for some upcoming marketing tactics I have in store (like flyers and the ebook I started writing last week).

So even though things may be slow at Hip Earth for a while- it’s really a win-win situation.

But don’t worry, you may not even notice any changes. I’ll still be updating the blog nearly every day and I even have a couple of free craft tutorials planned for you later this week.

A fun and simple way to upcycle an old wine bottle.

wine bottle crafts
I made this for my mom's birthday last week- I'll tell you how to make your own later this week.

As well as a tutorial on those nursery letters above.

So stay tuned and be sure to share those tutorials with your friends or give them a try and send us some pictures!

What’s going on in your life or shop this week?

Join in the conversation- Leave a comment!

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