Shop Update: We’ve Been Busy and We’ve Got Lots in Store, Plus Some Business Advice

By now you’ve probably saw the newest Facebook meme – the “What My Friends Think I Do” photos for different people, professions, etc.

An “old” friend and former classmate from college wrote an article about them last week, you can check it out here.

Anywho, I just LOVED this one for Professional Crafters.

Wow. Words cannot express my agreement with that last photo- it’s tough turning a hobby/love for creating into a business. I’m always overwhelmed and working constantly to market our business to find that exact perfect market and generate a steady full-time income. That’s the goal anyways- but it’s a long way away right now. But, I knew that going into it and I wouldn’t trade those sleepless nights and face-to-keyboard collisions for anything. Except that I have to.

Yeah, I’m searching for a part-time job to help us get caught up on  bills so we can pay off loans, get vehicle repairs, move and buy a new house…and buy more craft supplies, of course. ‘Cause seriously, who can say they have “enough” craft supplies- except when you’re complaining about how you need more space for new supplies, of course. Oh, and I’m also dreaming about taking some college art classes in the next year or two.

So anywho, I’ve been staying busy making new connections and driving traffic to our Etsy shop and our Facebook page. And I’ve really kept mom busy at it too. I tried out a Facebook advertising coupon that – due to my inability to read the fine print – resulted in some unwanted advertising charges but we’ve got a rather nice Facebook following now at just over 650 at my last check. All that marketing work has taken up some sleepless nights and I’m not sure how I’m going to manage it all when I get a second job, but I’ve put in so much time and energy and love in starting this business, there’s no way I’d give it up now.

But, thank goodness I’ve got mom to help me out- I’m going to keep her so busy she’ll forget that she’s retired. Ha!

Seriously though, I think our next marketing step is to really focus on this blog and start sharing our knowledge, recommendations and fun craft tutorials with our new audience over on Facebook. And maybe our blog will help us land a feature on another blog or help us get a guest posting offer on a popular blog that will drive some more traffic to our shop and blog. Because in the online craft sales business, you’ve got to drive loads of traffic to your shop just to get a single sale.

Sad. But true.

If you’re not making lots of sales yet, it means you’ve not got enough people window shopping in your shop- you’ve just got to keep getting the word out and encouraging folks to visit your shop. Oh, and create demand for your products- that’s usually as simple as getting word-of-mouth and online recommendations from friends, family and especially customers.

But, back to what I was saying about my dear mother– (I’m bad to get off on tangents, you’ll realize that the more you read my blog posts) – I’ll be keeping her busy and may even get her involved in blogging, which up until now has been my responsibility. I think I’ll definitely have her help me with some future “feature posts” in which we’ll be recommending some of our favorite crafters and shops we’ve encountered that we think you’ll really dig. And I’m also hoping to carve out some extra time to post more tutorials and write some posts shock full of crafty business advice for our fellow creative entrepreneurs. Because even though I’m a newbie myself, I read a lot and know a lot and there’s nothing I want more than to share what I learn through the process so that perhaps someone else out there can learn something new, useful or entertaining that makes their own journey a little easier or more enlightened.

I think that’s enough of my hippie rambling for one day.

Stay groovy and catch you soon,


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