Weekend Project: Valentine’s Day Cards for Kentucky Foster Children

foster kids valentine cards
Give your love to foster kids this Valentine's Day!

Thanks to my current obsession with social media, I got to participate in a really great project yesterday- and you can too!

Wednesday night a Facebook friend re-posted a status update from For Jamie’s Sake– a non-profit organization advocating for foster children throughout the state of Kentucky.

The status update was calling for volunteers to create handmade cards for more than 6,000 foster children in the state of Kentucky. I had to help out- and if you’ve got a few free hours this weekend- you should too!

I made 30 Valentine’s cards in approximately 5 hours. It really shouldn’t have taken that long, but I had to tear sketch book pages out (because I was out of loose card stock), cut and fold them and cut out 30 or more foam hearts. You could save a ton of time by getting foam stickers or hand-drawing all of your cards. You could even get your kids- or your nieces, nephews, kids you babysit… etc, to make some cards. It’s a lot of fun and a very joyful experience – the entire time I was making my cards, I kept thinking about the kids’ faces as they opened their cards and read what I wrote inside.

You really should do this! You can get rid of some craft supplies you’re not using for anything else (supplies that are taking up space on your craft room shelves) and put a smile on the face of a kid that doesn’t yet have a forever family to spend Valentine’s Day with.

C’mon and do it, here’s what you need to know:

The Guidelines

  • Cards should measure no more than 8.5″ by 11″
  • Sign cards with your first name only – preferred.
  • Mail cards to:

For Jamie’s Sake

1544 Winchester Ave. Ste. 804

Ashland, Ky 41101

kentucky foster kids handmade valentine cards
Here is my stack of 30 cards, tied up and ready for delivery.
  • Submission Deadline: Feb. 3rd – That means you should mail cards out on Monday to ensure delivery by next Friday!
  • All cards MUST be HANDMADE. (Because handmade means you put your heart into it; that you care enough to put your time into brightening someone’s day!)
  • You DO NOT have to be a Kentucky resident to participate – just make sure your cards are postmarked in time to make it to office headquarters by next Friday, February 3rd.

Let us know if you plan to participate, and if you want- share photos of your cards with us on Facebook- we’d love to see what you come up with!

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