I’m Dreaming Of a New Work Shop .

My kitchen table, piled with craft supplies.

If you’re paying attention to us on Facebook and Twitter- we’re occasionally posting about being “in the workshop”. So, I thought I’d let you in on a little secret- our workshop is our kitchen. I bet other crafters – both hobby crafters and craft business owners – can relate to that situation and agree that it’s unfortunate. My kitchen table is typically covered in little baggies and containers of clay, tools and design sketches – and it all has to be packed up and moved or pushed out of arrangement every time we sit down to eat.

So, enough is almost enough. It’s time to get my own, private workspace.

Unfortunately the only room I have in my home for a workshop is currently the “junk room”. So, I’ve got a lot of work in store to transform that hot mess into a space for making my creative messes.

craft room remodel, home remodel, work shop remodel, studio remodel
Seriously, where did we get all this junk and why do we still have it?

Until then, I’ve managed to move things around in my house to find extra storage space- but for the most part, it will just have to continue to look like an artist/crafter lives here. Actually, I think it needs to look more like an artist lives here- I need brighter walls, more colorful curtains, some art work with more pizzazz. Hmm..maybe the whole house is in store for a remodel.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves- let’s see how the workshop goes first.

I hope you like remodeling projects and interior designs, because I’ll be sharing some decorating ideas and progress photos here as I’m working on the shop remodel. I’d love to get your ideas, feedback, and suggestions. In fact, you can connect with me on Pinterest and view my board: For My Office/Workshop to see some photos I’ve clipped to use as inspiration when decorating and organizing my new creative space.

And if you’re also in the mood to remodel your work shop or craft room- be sure to check out my Treasury List: The Perfect Workshop/Craft Room on Etsy for some handmade products to organize and decorate your own studio.

Give me some recommendations!

And check back here on the blog tomorrow for an opportunity to help some less fortunate kids this Valentine’s Day!

Until tomorrow,

Stay Groovy


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