Our Etsy Shop Is Open

Whew! What a week it’s been! We’ve been super busy.

So busy, in fact, that my husband pondered yesterday evening how I was still awake after the long days I’ve put in since the shop opened just 9 days ago, on Jan. 11.

polymer clay pendants
A few pendants we designed this week

We’ve spent the hours since our virtual shop doors opened creating a handful of new products and designs. But a larger chunk of our time has been spent doing that one “little” thing that is necessary to turn a hobby into a business – marketing.

Through our marketing efforts we’ve had a chance to make several crafty new friends and discover many beautiful and inspiring products among our creative peers at Etsy. If you use Etsy, don’t forget to log on and like our shop and add us to your circle– we’d love to see what products you dig at Etsy. And you can connect with us on Pinterest too!

However, we’ll warn you…we’re nuts about all things handmade, so you’ll see lots of indie arts and crafts on our Pinterest boards. And if you’re a fan of bohemian and eclectic decorating styles, you’ll love my “Dream Home” and “Dream Garden” pin boards.

Until next time,

Stay groovy!


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